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Gender Studies


The Unit of Gender Studies is a unit for interdisciplinary and thematic gender research and education at the Department of Thematic Studies, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Linköping University. We offer a PhD programme in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies and an international Master’s programme Gender Studies – Intersectionality and Change, started August 2012 and from Fall 2016 we offer 30 ECTS credits in BA-level singel subject courses. Research and education in the Unit of Gender Studies put focus on meanings of gender in culture, society, economics, technology, knowledge production, and science from an interdisciplinary perspective. Gender is studied in its intersections with other social categories. The Unit of Gender Studies host GEXcel International Collegium for Advanced Transdisciplinary Gender Studies .


Reports From Current Reserach

Anna-Stina Treumund in Memoriam

Last week the Estonian queerfeminist artist Anna-Stina Treumund sadly passed away. Anna-Stina Treumund was a well-established artist who made a name in her home country as well as in the broader European art scene, among others through her amazing self-portrait photography. Her artwork explores and makes visible lesbian and queer figurations and postsocialist, feminist imaginaries, in dialogue with Estonian as well as international queerfeminist political movements.



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