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PhD Program in Environmental Science

Environmental Science is devoted to the study of the causes and management of environmental problems. The research is problem-oriented and social relevance is an express ambition. The subject accordingly takes an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses the physical environment and the environmental and resource dilemmas that arise from human behaviour and exploitation of natural resources. Environmental Science also draws attention to the causes of environmental problems in society and how these problems are interpreted, communicated and remediated. Research and postgraduate studies address local, national and international problems and explore the myriad connections among the geographical levels and the links between various environmental issues and other social challenges.


The aim of the programme is to deepen the student’s knowledge within the thematic area and to prepare the student, by means of postgraduate supervision, to make independent contributions to research and development. The goal is to give the student the capacity to independently plan and carry out an advanced research project and to present and disseminate research findings within and outside the academic community. The knowledge acquired must be documented in a doctoral or licentiate thesis. The interdisciplinary approach to the subject is predicated upon a shared knowledge base and exchange of experiences and perspectives across various fields of expertise. The programme consists of a number of required foundation courses and a number of elective advanced courses relevant to the subject of the thesis. As a whole, these courses are intended to provide an overview of the research area.


The PhD programme leads to a licentiate degree equal to 120 Higher Education Credits (HEC) encompassing two years of full-time study or a PhD equal to 240 HEC (four years’ full-time study). Students commonly hold a teaching assistantship (teaching at the undergraduate level (first cycle) for example) in parallel with their own postgraduate level (second/third cycle) studies. The teaching assistantship may not exceed 20% of full time, which results in a total funding period of five years for a PhD.

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