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Supervision & support

It is incumbent upon the teaching staff, supervisors and doctoral students to actively create an environment that stimulates the development of independent, creative, interested and knowledgeable researchers.


According to chapter 6 section 28 of the Higher Education Ordinance, at least two supervisors must be appointed for each doctoral student. When you are accepted as a doctoral student at Tema – The Department of Thematic Studies you will be assigned at least two supervisors, of which one will be your principal supervisor (who reports to Ladok). The division of responsibilities between the principal and secondary supervisors is clarified in consultation with the doctoral student and is documented in the individual study plan. Doctoral students are entitled to supervision during their studies unless the vice-chancellor has decided otherwise by virtue of section 30 (of the ordinance). 

There are several laws and ordinances with which Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in Sweden must comply, chief among them the Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance. HEI also have their own guidelines for the rights and duties of doctoral students. The Tema – Department of Thematic Studies Supervision Policy (Handledningspolicy för Institutionen för Tema) regulates the duties of teaching staff, supervisors and doctoral students.

The teachers meet to discuss issues related to the graduate program two times per semester.

If any problems arise, contact your director of postgraduate studies,* whose responsibilities include dealing with problems between doctoral students and supervisors. *Alternatively, if the director of postgraduate studies is involved, you may contact the teacher appointed by the teaching staff at the unit.


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