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The PhD programme comprises 240 HEC and consists of a taught course component of 60 HEC and a thesis component of 180 HEC. The licentiate programme comprises 120 HEC and consists of a taught course component totalling 40 HEC and a scholarly thesis of 80 HEC. The licentiate degree may either be the final educational goal or a stage in the process towards a PhD.

All members of staff who teach must complete a course in higher education methodology. The postgraduate studies programme also includes seminar activities at the research unit.


Required courses in Environmental Science


Key concepts in environmental science and politics, 10 HEC

The course aim is to familiarise students with concepts and knowledge development in research areas relevant to Environmental Science. The course consists of a general component of 5 HEC and a more flexible and individualised advanced component of 5 HEC. The components are given different exam codes, which makes it possible for doctoral students to schedule them at various points in time over the course of the PhD programme.

Dates: Weeks 50-51 and Week 2.


Methods in environmental science, 10 HEC

The general component covers quantitative and qualitative methodology with focus on matters such as which methods are suitable for various types of research questions, the strengths and weaknesses of various methodological approaches, analytical frameworks, etc. The course will cover a relatively wide range of generally applicable literature and provide opportunities for reflection and critical examination of methodological approaches.

The advanced component is oriented towards providing in-depth understanding of the principal method or methods that doctoral students will use in their thesis work. This component of the course is designed cooperatively by the course coordinator, the doctoral student and the student’s supervisor. In some cases, students may be given credit for method courses completed outside Tema M as a substitute for this component.

Date: To be announced

Thesis proposal, 10 HEC

In addition to focus on doctoral students’ own thesis projects, this course covers general questions related to research design and to identifying and clarifying the student’s own contribution to the research field.

Date: Late spring, 2014

Interdisciplinarity, 5 HEC (of which 3 HEC common to Tema/The Department of Thematic Studies and 2 HEC specifically for Tema M)

The course component specific to Tema V covers questions of specific interest to the broad interdisciplinary environment that is Tema V. Focus is on the role of interdisciplinarity in the research subject of Environmental Science.

Date: Week 4



Courses are taught mainly by the Tema V teaching staff and occasionally by visiting teachers. Qualifications for required courses are recorded by the course coordinator. Qualifications for individual elective courses are recorded by the course coordinator if the courses are taken at LiU. If taken at another HEI, qualifications are recorded by the principal supervisor on the basis of a certificate of course completion. The examiner reports to the administrator, who records course completion in the postgrad LADOK.






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course enrolment

You enrol in courses through the respective course coordinator:

•Key concepts in environmental science and politics - Björn-Ola Linnér

•Methods in environmental - Sofie Storbjörn/Åsa Danielsson

•Thesis proposal - information will come

•Interdisciplinarity - information will come




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