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The Department of Thematic Studies - Environmental Change

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Environmental Change conducts research, doctoral studies and undergraduate education on current environmental challenges and the changing nature of the environmental condition. Research and education focus on the impact–the change to the environment–that society and the individual have on nature.


Environmental Humanities receives a total of 40 million

trädLinköping University has been awarded an additional 20 million for establishing a world-leading, multi-disciplinary cultural and environmental research programme. Among other things, funding is invested into research on chemical weapons that have been dumped on the Baltic seabed.

This is the largest investment in the humanities ever in Sweden. - The fact that we receive this grant shows that our nature-culture perspective is important. We need to have a deeper discussion about the role human actions have for nature, and the role nature has for her, says the manager of the programme, Cecilia Åsberg, associate professor and Head of Unit, Gender Studies.

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Victoria to visit InSIS, Oxford University

Victoria Wibeck will be spending three months at the Institute for Science, innovation and Sociaty at University of Oxford. Victoria will collaborate with members of the InSIS Geoengineering programme as part of the Linkpӧing University Climate Engineering Programme. (LUCE)

Henrik Kylin ”extraordinary professor”

Henrik Kylin har blivit utsedd till ”extraordinary professor” vid ”North West University”, Potchefstroom, Sydafrika.


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