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The Department of Thematic Studies - Environmental Change

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Environmental Change conducts research, doctoral studies and undergraduate education on current environmental challenges and the changing nature of the environmental condition. Research and education focus on the impact–the change to the environment–that society and the individual have on nature.


olaKnowledge as a power factor in global environmental research policy

For decades, researchers have been developing ever more complex models that predict and illustrate the consequences of global environmental changes, models that form the foundation of decisions about environmental policy. In the first thesis from the new Unit of Environmental Change Ola Uhrqvist shows how the models grew, took form and were shaped by contemporary thinking.

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New article on Dual high-stake emerging technologies

Linnér, B-O & Wibeck, V (2015), Dual high-stake emerging technologies: a review of the climate engineering research literature. WIREs Climate Change.

Major social and environmental research initiative

Linköping University has been awarded SEK 20 million to create a world-leading programme in interdisciplinary social and environmental research.


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