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The Department of Thematic Studies - Environmental Change

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Environmental Change conducts research, doctoral studies and undergraduate education on current environmental challenges and the changing nature of the environmental condition. Research and education focus on the impact–the change to the environment–that society and the individual have on nature.


Environmental Change has found its form

bild på mattias hjerpeIt’s time to formally open the Unit of Environmental Change at the Department of Thematic Studies. It starts on 16 October with the first ever ”Distinguished Lecture in Environmental Change”, a series of public lectures presented by leading environmental researchers.

First up is Dr Jill Jäger from the Sustainable Europe Research Institute in Vienna. She is a major authority in sustainability research and the ideal person to kickstart the new unit, by summarising what has been done in past decades – and exploring what remains to be done.

The lecture, in the Tema Building at 14.15, is open to the public. It will be followed by the formal opening, with a big ”Cheers” to the new unit, Environmental Change.


Article in full


New publication on sociotechnical imaginaries

Kuchler, M. (2014). Sweet dreams (are made of cellulose): Sociotechnical imaginaries of second-generation bioenergy in the global debate. Ecological Economics, 107: 431-437.

New unit at Thematic Studies: Environmental Change

Linköping University is pooling its resources in terms of environmental research at the Department of Thematic Studies. The Unit of Water and Environmental Studies and CSPR (Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research) are joining forces, to form the Unit of Environmental Change


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