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Packaging, Negotiating, Translating:  Transforming Knowledge into Practice


How does research based scientific knowledge become practice? And, more precisely, how does knowledge produced in one context become practice in another?


The project studies mediators as the pivot point between the production of (medical) knowledge and its use in practice, focusing on so seemingly disparate professions as veterinarian pathologists, midwives in parental education, and occupational health services providers. Through ethnographic fieldwork, i.e. observing and interviewing mediators and practitioners in order to capture their perspective of their work, as well as analyzing guidelines, the project provides knowledge on how organizational conditions and context affect how knowledge is translated between contexts and transformed into everyday practice. Results from the project will make it possible to both understand the provision of knowledge to society better on a theoretical level and, in consequence, to facilitate for it in practice. In addition, as scientific knowledge plays a central role in society today, suggesting ways to think about how it enters people’s lives should be a significant contribution.


Funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, the project started in March 2016 and is scheduled to continue until 2020.

PI: Corinna Kruse

Participants: Corinna Kruse, Jenny Gleisner, Hannah Grankvist, and John Sjöström (The Swedish Environmental Research Institute - IVL)


Project duration: : 

Funder: Riksbankens Jubileumsfond




Corinna Kruse
+46 13 28 47 29


Hannah Grankvist
+46 13 28 26 77

Jenny Gleisner
+46 13 28 22 73

John Sjöström, (The Swedish Environmental Research Institute - IVL)
+46 10-788 66 16



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