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Peer-Reviewed Papers

2013 "The Bayesian approach to forensic evidence: Evaluating, communicating, and distributing responsibility." Social Studies of Science 43(5): 657-680.

2012 "Legal Storytelling in Pre-Trial Investigation: Arguing for a Wider Perspective on Forensic Evidence." New Genetics and Society 31(3): 299-309.

2010 "Forensic Evidence: Materializing Bodies, Materializing Crimes." European Journal of Women’s Studies 17(4): 363-377.

2010 "Producing Absolute Truth: CSI Science as Wishful Thinking." American Anthropologist 112(1): 79-91.


2004 "Making It Work: Balancing Uncertainty and Resources in Genetic Research." Lychnos 2004: 151-164.




2016 The Social Life of Forensic Evidence. University of California Press.

Book Chapters


2015 "Being a Crime Scene Technician in Sweden" in Ilana Gershon (ed)  A World of Work - Imagined Manuals for Real Jobs. Cornell University Press.


2010 "Incorporating Machines into Laboratory Work: Concepts of Humanness and Machineness" in Ericka Johnson and Boel Berner (eds) Technology and Medical Practice: Blood, Guts and Machines. Ashgate, London: 161-178.


Boel Berner and Corinna Kruse (eds)

2013 Knowledge and Evidence - Investigating Technologies in Practice. Linköping Studies in Technology and Social Change 1.


2006 The Making of Valid Data – People and Machines in Genetic Research Practice. Linköping Studies in Arts and Science 361.

Popular Science

2013 "The Evidence Doesn't Lie - CSI and Real-Life Forensic Evidence." Anthropology Now 5(3): 1-8.

2012 Teknisk bevisning - hur går det till? En kriminalteknisk resa genom rättsväsendet. [Forensic evidence - how is it done? A forensic tour of the Swedish legal system.] Perspektiv på tekniken no 5.

2010 "CSI och den absoluta sanningen" [CSI and Absolute Truth]. Kriminalteknik 2:2010: 10-11.





Victor Toom, Matthias Wienroth, Amade M’charek, Barbara Prainsack, Robin Williams, Troy Duster, Torsten Heinemann, Corinna Kruse, Helena Machado, Erin Murphy 2016 "Approaching ethical, legal and social issues of emerging forensic DNA phenotyping (FDP) technologies comprehensively: Reply to ‘Forensic DNA phenotyping: Predicting human appearance from crime scene material for investigative purposes’ by Manfred Kayser." Forensic Science International: Genetics 22: e1-e4.


2007 "Räddning, risk och identitet en forskningsöversikt över brandmannayrket" [Rescue, Risk, and Identity - A review of research on firefighters]. Tema Teknik och social förändring: Arbetsnotat 306.


2002 "A Glimpse into a Laboratory." Tema Teknik och social förändring: Arbetsnotat 258.





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