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Communicating Promises and Troubles. HPV Vaccination Campaigns, Care, Temporalities

My PhD project is a part of a larger research project entitled Prescriptive Prescriptions: Pharmaceuticals and `Healthy’ Subjectivities which explores how understandings of "healthy subjects" are challenged by new or emerging medical pharmaceuticals. My part of the project goes under the working title Communicating promises and troubles: HPV vaccination campaigns, care, temporalities and focuses on HPV vaccination public health campaigns in Sweden. It zooms in on different campaign mediums (e.g. Facebook, an app, visuals and a vaccination trailer) that take part in enacting and assembling matters of care. I especially attend to the matters of care enabled by an ethico-political commitment to the neglected and absent, and to moments of friction. The vaccination is studied as a material-semiotic phenomenon. I will defend my dissertation in June 2016.



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Prescriptive Prescriptions: Pharmaceuticals and 'Healthy' Subjectivities

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