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Oscar Javier Maldonado Casteñada



I am a sociologist working primarily in science and technology studies and medical sociology. Currently my research interest is to understand the intersections between governance and quantification in healthcare using the analytical resources provided by material semiotics, feminist technoscience, anthropology of markets and the political sociology of science. I have research experience in social science perspectives on medicine, global health, expertise and contemporary healthcare governance. I have analyzed the adaptation of evidence based medicine and health economics in international vaccination policies, particularly in middle-income countries. I have studied the role of practices of quantification in the governance of healthcare and in the production of objects for policy, using as case study the introduction of HPV vaccines in Colombia. Additionally I have investigated about the ways in which medical and scientific knowledge and expertise are translated in legal settings, especially in High Courts. I have published (in Spanish) about the use of amici curiae—in the debate about the partial legalization of the abortion in Colombia—as a legal mechanism used by interest groups in order to mobilize technical ‘evidence’ to High Courts.

Research Interests

I am interested in exploring transformations in contemporary healthcare governance in relation to the intersections between evidence based medicine and health economics. In particular I would like to trace the development of strategies of quantification of human life and health, addressing the conflicts that such orderings produce and their political and ethical implications.

Keywords: Areas of interest:

Science and technology studies, medical sociology, economic sociology, global health and interpretative policy analysis

Currens projects

In parallel I have professional experience as consultant in science and technology policy and in public engagement with science and technology. I have worked with the Colombian Government (Colciencias) in the design of a national policy for science and society, and with the firm Oportunidad Estratégica in the production of a research policy for Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, one of the biggest public universities in Colombia. I have teaching experience in sociological theory and in science and technology studies. I have been teaching assistant in the department of Sociology at Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Currently I am part of the project: Healthy and Pharmaceutical Subjectivities funded by the ERC (European Research Council).


2014.    “Cortes, expertos y grupos de interés: Movilización y localización del conocimiento experto en la sentencia C 355 de 2006” en: Universitas Humanistica, Vol 77(2014) No 77.


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2011.    “Conocimiento y políticas de lo público. Una contribución a la definición de la apropiación social del conocimiento desde el campo de la política pública” en: Ciencia, Tecnología y Democracia. Reflexiones en torno a la Apropiación social del conocimiento. Medellín: EAFIT-COLCIENCIAS.


2011.    (with De Greiff, Alexis) "Apropiación fuerte" del conocimiento: una propuesta para construir políticas inclusivas de ciencia, tecnología e innovación en América Latina. Estudio social de la ciencia y la tecnología desde América Latina. Bogotá: Siglo del Hombre Editores.


2010.    (with Lozano, Marcela) Estrategia Nacional de Apropiación social de la ciencia, la tecnología y la innovación. Bogotá: Colciencias.






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