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Jacob Nordangårdtech boder




PhD. Student 2008-

M.A. in Geography 2007

M.A. in Culture, Society and Media Production 2001

Research Interests

I have during the later years studied challenges and changes that the society is considered to go through because of less availability of fossil energy and how this is being addressed by different actors and their interests. These include how actors believe that the society needs to change socially, economically and politically and how the risks of looming energy problems are handled by these? Just how viable is the alternative / renewable energy sources? Which interests benefits of developing these? How is it affecting the power relations and the current globalization trend in the world? In this context, I also find it interesting to study how control over energy and food production is used / has been used as a method to exercise power over other states and regions.  Another interest is the scientific controversies and underlying driving forces of climate science, peak oil and biofuels.

Current projects

I am writing my dissertation focused on the EU's biofuel policy. The underlying aim is to find out how biofuels have been promoted as a solution to both Europe's energy security problems and the alleged threat of climate change. How has the debate evolved among the different actors involved or affected by the policy? Which uncertainties, benefits and dangers have been raised by the various parties and how has this changed over time? The study focuses mainly on three types of actors, the environmental movement, food- and biofuels industry and political actors at the EU-level.  It covers mainly the period from when the work of the first EU Biofuels Directive was launched to the enforcement of the Renewable Energy Directive in 2009.




Telephone: 013-28 21 78
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E-mail: jacob.nordangard@liu.se 

Department of Thematic Studies -
Technology and Social Change
Linköping university
SE-581 83 Linköping

Project activities


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