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Nimmo Osman Elmi



Nimmo is a social anthropologist and holds an MPhil from the University of Oslo where she conducted ethnography of democratization processes in Somalia.Her Master research and thesis was awarded the Dare to Know award(Våg Å Vite).This award is given to master research that is known to increase knowledge about certain issues. She joins the FairTax team as a PhD student bringing expertise of understanding social phenomena from a micro perspective. She is a multi-lingustic speaking Norwegian, English, Somali, Swahili and basic Arabic.

Research Interests

Knowlegde Production
Discourse Analysis
Ethnographic studies


Currens projects

Nimmo is working on the Fair Tax project funded by the EU: The main objective for this PhD position is to analyze one or several tax compliance initiatives. The focus in this project is to describe, analyze and evaluate the response amongst stakeholder(s) subject to such initiatives. Analyzing these responses are pivotal because it shows how external stakeholders react and respond to various tax compliance initiatives. Her research will use ethnographic methodologies. The chosen project will draw on two strands of research. It will critically evaluate and contribute to the development of qualitative research within the field of tax compliance. Secondly, the project will be situated in research on values and valuation practices as part of the development and diffusion of technology and/or scientific knowledge in society. This PhD position is thus based in science and technology studies but draw insights from critical studies of taxation.


Making Democracy Work:Tools,Theories and Templates of Democracy Promotion in Somalia 2014,Univeristy of Oslo

Paradoxes of Democracy Promotion; Published by African Journal for Women: Femnet 2014





Telephone: 013-28 4749
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E-mail: nimmo.elmi@liu.senimmo.elmi@liu.se

Department of Thematic Studies -
Technology and Social Change
Linköping university
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Project activities


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