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Palm, Reindl (2016): Understanding energy efficiency in Swedish residential building
renovation: A practice theory approach. Energy Research and Social Science, 11 (2016) 247-255

Palm, Reindl (2014): Energy efficiency in renovation processes with focus on time and timing. Conference proceeding. World Sustainable Building, October 28/30th 2014


Magister uppsatser

  • Reindl, Katharina (2011): "DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN – AN ANALYSIS OF THE VISUALIZATION OF ENERGY DATA", written in collaboration with, CSPR ‘climate science and policy research’ and Visualization Center C Norrköping, University of Linköping
  • Reindl, Katharina (2010): „Was wäre, wenn...“ Sozio-technische Energieszenarien - Eine Analyse sozio-technischer Zukunft sbilder des Energiesektors". (Translation: „What if…“ Socio-technical energy scenarios. An analysis of socio-technical visions of the future in the energy sector) (Text in German) https://online.uni-graz.at/kfu_online/wbAbs.showThesis?pThesisNr=18230&pOrgNr=1&pAutorNr=&pFassungNr=2&pPersNr=54535

Kanditat uppsatser

  • Reindl, Katharina (2007): „Das Tier und Wir – Eine Analyse der Mensch- Tier Beziehung im Wandel“. (Translation: "The animal and we - An analysis of the human-animal relationship in change "). (Text in German)
  • Reindl, Katharina (2006): „Wahlbeteiligung – Politisches Interesse und Beteiligung im Rahmen der EU".  (Translation: Voter participation - Political interest and participation in the EU"). (Text in German)
  • Reindl, Katharina (2005): „Erving Goffman: Wir alle spielen Theater - eine Selbstdarstellung auf der Bühne“.  (Translation: "Erving Goffman: We all play theater - a self-expression on stage"). (Text in German)


Slutrapport: Interdisciplinary Winter and Summer School on Energy Systems in Austria and the Czech Republic. Czech-Austrian Energy Expert Group CZ-AT EEG. www.energy-europe.net

  • Reindl, Katharina; Taupe, Natalie; Tauferová, Michaela (2009): "The Potential for Sustainable Air Traffic"


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Technology and Social Change is an interdisciplinary research unit focusing on how social actors create and use technology, and how technical change is woven together with cultural patterns, daily life, politics, energy systems, learning, and the economy in history and society.

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