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Katharina Reindl



  • PhD candidate at the Department of Thematic Studies - Technology and Social Change since fall 2012
  • Reseach Assistent at Department of Thematic Studies - Technology and Social Change from fall 2011 to 2012
  • Master’s Program in Sustainable Development 2011, Linköping University (Msc)
  • Master’s Program Sociology 2009, University of Graz (MA)
  • Bachelor in Sociology 2007, University of Graz (Bak.rer.soc.oec.)


Environment, sustainability, energy. energy efficiency, energy transitions, energy use in buildings, socio-technical system, renovation of buildings 

Research interests

My main research interests concern environmental issues and climate change. Currently I am working mainly with energy efficiency and sustainable development. I am interested in energy conservation in the residential sector, construction and renovation processes, reduced energy consumption in homes and thereby also the residents' role and influence. Furthermore I am interested in innovation and 'transition' processes as well as community, regional, and urban development.

Ongoing research

My PhD project is a collaboration between Linköping University and Stångåstaden, the largest housing company in Linköping, Sweden. This project collaboration focuses on the renovation of the so called million-program housing and houses built in the postwar period. The overall objective of the project is to explore how to include energy efficiency measures in an effective way in the refurbishment of these types of buildings and to provide a model for improving knowledge transfer between business and academia. Another focus is to better apply university research into practice for future renovation projects, creating learning for the major renovations of the million program housing required in the future in Sweden. The project is an interdisciplinary research effort with researchers from two different departments, namely Tema T, Technology and Social Change and the Division of Energy Systems, IEI.

Previous project: Energy use in households, survey study. Stångåstaden Enkät om energianvändning



Palm, Reindl (2016): Understanding energy efficiency in Swedish residential building
renovation: A practice theory approach. Energy Research and Social Science, 11 (2016) 247-255

Palm, Reindl (2014): Energy efficiency in renovation processes with focus on time and timing. Conference proceeding. World Sustainable Building, October 28/30th 2014


Master theses

  • Reindl, Katharina (2011): "DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN – AN ANALYSIS OF THE VISUALIZATION OF ENERGY DATA", written in collaboration with, CSPR ‘climate science and policy research’ and Visualization Center C Norrköping, University of Linköping
  • Reindl, Katharina (2010): „Was wäre, wenn...“ Sozio-technische Energieszenarien - Eine Analyse sozio-technischer Zukunft sbilder des Energiesektors". (Translation: „What if…“ Socio-technical energy scenarios. An analysis of socio-technical visions of the future in the energy sector) (Text in German) https://online.uni-graz.at/kfu_online/wbAbs.showThesis?pThesisNr=18230&pOrgNr=1&pAutorNr=&pFassungNr=2&pPersNr=54535

Bachelor theses

  • Reindl, Katharina (2007): „Das Tier und Wir – Eine Analyse der Mensch- Tier Beziehung im Wandel“. (Translation: "The animal and we - An analysis of the human-animal relationship in change "). (Text in German)
  • Reindl, Katharina (2006): „Wahlbeteiligung – Politisches Interesse und Beteiligung im Rahmen der EU".  (Translation: Voter participation - Political interest and participation in the EU"). (Text in German)
  • Reindl, Katharina (2005): „Erving Goffman: Wir alle spielen Theater - eine Selbstdarstellung auf der Bühne“.  (Translation: "Erving Goffman: We all play theater - a self-expression on stage"). (Text in German)


Final report: Interdisciplinary Winter and Summer School on Energy Systems in Austria and the Czech Republic. Czech-Austrian Energy Expert Group CZ-AT EEG. www.energy-europe.net

  • Reindl, Katharina; Taupe, Natalie; Tauferová, Michaela (2009): "The Potential for Sustainable Air Traffic"


Telephone: 013-28 22 50
Fax: 013-28 44 61

E-mail: katharina.reindl@liu.se

Department of Thematic Studies -
Technology and Social Change
Linköping university
SE-581 83 Linköping


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