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Participative design of smart grid user interfaces - InnoSmart

Due to the energy transition, all stakeholders in the energy industry are facing fundamental challenges. They have to realign and coordinate their positions, strategies, decisions and actions. This also applies to private households, as they become “prosumers” since they are able to generate electricity by themselves at home. They actively participate in shaping the future energy system: as producers they supply the grid with locally produced electricity, while their energy storage could contribute to power system stability.

Flexible “smart grids” could be a key to display the changing role of private households in the energy system: supply, consumption and storage of electricity will be balanced in line with price and demand. The key question of the InnoSmart project is how corresponding innovations could be successfully introduced in practice. The early involvement of citizens in the innovative design of smart grids is thereby the starting point of the project. It is assumed that smart grid user interface innovations might increasingly be accepted when they are developed participatorily. In this context it is important to find new ways for power supply companies and users to interact with each other. On the supply side this implies that user requests are accepted as instructive elements and that business models will be developed for a "prosumer market".

The newly developed smart-grid components and business models are then directly applied in those companies participating in the InnoSmart project. Project results will be communicated to an expert audience as well as to social and political actors by the project-team through events such as conferences and transfer workshops. Via an online tool the methodological findings of the participatory design and innovation processes will be available to the interested (expert) public.


Tema T is subcontractor to IÖW – Institute for Ecological Economy Research


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Project duration: 09/2013 – 08/2016

Funder: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Project consortium:

Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW), Berlin

DIALOGIK non-profit Institute for Communication and Cooperation Research, Stuttgart

University of Stuttgart, Institute for Human Engineering and Technology Management, (IAT), Stuttgart

Contact person:

Harald Rohracher
+46 13 28 29 75



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