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Hanna Sjögren


2007: BSc Political Science (with special focus on gender and politics), Stockholm University

2009: MSc Political Science (with special focus on gender and politics), Stockholm University

2010: Accepted as a PhD Student at the Unit of Technology and Social Change, Linköping University

2013: Visiting Scholar at University of Texas at Arlington, USA (January-March). Read about the visit here.

2013: Visiting scholar at the HumAnimal Group, Center for Gender Research, Uppsala University, Sweden (May)


2016: Visiting researcher at Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College, University of London through The Seed Box: A MISTRA-FORMAS Environmental Humanities Collaboratory (spring 2016)


Research Interests

While I was a student of political science at Stockholm University, I was particularly interested in questions of how politics and the political are defined, and how these definitions get destabilized through subject positions which at large have been excluded from the mainstream definitions of what counts as a political subject (women, minorities, disable bodies, animals, the environment). My undergrad studies got me interested in wider definitions of the political, including questions of the politics of epistemology and ontology.


I am inspired by ideas and concepts from feminist theory in general, and feminist science studies in particular (theorists such as Donna Haraway, Stacy Alaimo, and Karen Barad), to investigate relations of nature and culture in the domain of sustainability education. My research interests therefore merge areas such as educational philosophy with feminist thinking and the environmental humanities. One of my ambitions is to search for more inclusive and productive paths of thinking about the politics of education in ways that open up for understanding non-anthropocentric subjectivity in out time.


Environmental humanities, feminist theory, philosophy of education, posthumanities, teacher education, human- animal studies, science studies.

Current projects

In my dissertation project entitled Sustainability for Whom? The Politics of Imagining Environmental Change in Education, I am interested in how education – as an institution and practice that is supposed to cultivate humans – respond to environmental change.

The case I investigate is how sustainability is formed (imagined) and made teachable in Swedish teacher education.

The method I have developed is focus groups with teacher educators where I use a poem and iconic and provoking images to trace the definitions and delimitations of sustainability when making it teachable.

My interest has come to be on the the collective formations of sustainability through the discussions in focus groups. I see the formation of citizens in education as more-than-human entanglements, and I try to rethink education with the use of posthuman concepts where I also attend to the importance of imagination.

I discuss throughout the study how sustainability challenges and forms knowledge, human-animal relations, the future, and citizenship in education. I argue that these formations have ontological, political, and ethical implications.

The project is at the intersection of cultural studies, philosophy of education, and environmental and feminist studies.

I plan to defend my dissertation during 2016.




I'm a part of the following research networks:



  • I have been a reviewer for the academic journals Confero: Essays on Education, Philosophy and Politics, Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning [Norwegian Journal of Gender Research] and Tidskriften för genusvetenskap [The Swedish Journal of Gender Studies].
  • Previously, I have been one of the organizers of Tema T: s Higher Seminars.
  • I am one of the organizers of a reading group on Posthumanities Subjectivity and Ethics at Goldsmiths during spring 2016.


hannasjogrenPHD STUDENT

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Department of Thematic Studies -
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