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Kristina Trygg


I have a doctors degree in Human Geography from Stockholm University. My master degree (Magister) in Human Geography is from Stockholm University and I have also a Bachelor degree in Human Geography, tourismprogram from Linnéuniversity (Kalmar Högskola)

Research Interests

My main interests are in human geography and more specific in economic geography, labour, mobility, energy and tourism.


Human geography, economic geography, tourism, energy sustainability, mobility

Current projects

The specific objective in this project is to analyse how collaboration in renovation processes can achieve energy efficiency and social sustainability. In Sweden municipalities purchase elderly care service and rent homes for this purpose. Hence, many actors with diverse interests must collaborate when there is a need for renovation of these homes for elderly. I want to understand the possibilities and constraints for this energy efficiently and social sustainability in renovation of this kind of buildings. Energy efficient in this case is about how people can reduce the use the energy technology in their homes (refrigerator, radiator, stove and so on). It is about how the owner of the building in the renovation process can help the people living there to do so and also the employees working there. Social sustainability aims to the people in the renovation process. It is both about the renovation process in it self and the people that are involved in that and also about the people affected by the renovation. The sociotechnical approach is important and referring to the interaction between people and technology.

Key words: knowledge, social sustainability, energy efficiency, renovation process

Publications (selected)

Publications and conference presentations:

Trygg. K & Köhler. H (2015) Exkursioner, varför då? Geografiska notiser 73:1 s 16-22

Trygg. K (2014). Kunskapsarbetets geografi. Geografiska Notiser 72:2 s. 80-95.

länk: http://www.geografitorget.se/gn/nr/2014/bil/2-08.pdf

Trygg K. (2014) Arbetets geografi. Kunskapsarbetes organisation och utförande i tidrummet. Doktorsavhandling i kulturgeografi. Stockholms universitet

länk: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:su:diva-107373

Hermelin B & Trygg K. (2012) New geographies of work: A case Study from Sweden. Urbani-izziv (23): 1 s. 126-134 


I am teaching in geography and tourism studies and more specific in; human geography economic geography, urban and regional planning, methods


Telephone: 013-28 57 18
Fax: 013-28 44 61

E-mail: kristina trygg@liu.se

Department of Thematic Studies -
Technology and Social Change
Linköping university
SE-581 83 Linköping


Project activities

Technology and Social Change is an interdisciplinary research unit focusing on how social actors create and use technology, and how technical change is woven together with cultural patterns, daily life, politics, energy systems, learning, and the economy in history and society.

About Tema

The objective for Tema - The Department of Thematic Studies is to pursue excellent research and education at undergraduate and advanced levels relevant to society.

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