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Steve Woolgar


Professor Steve Woolgar researches in Science and Technology Studies. His recent research includes an extended investigation of the ways in which ordinary objects and everyday technologies are increasingly regulating our lives (with Daniel Neyland, Mundane Governance: ontology and accountability, OUP 2013); an examination of the myriad social and organizational practices involved in scientific representation (with Mike Lynch, Catelijne Coopmans and Janet Vertesi, Representation in Scientific Practice Revisited, MIT, 2014); a collection on practices of visualization in the digital age (with Annamaria Carusi, Aud Hoel and Tim Webmoor, Visualisation in the Age of Computerisation, Routledge, 2014); and a close look at a large variety of the ordinary objects and practices that make up ‘globalization’ (with Nigel Thrift and Adam Tickell, Globalization in Practice, OUP, 2014).

He is currently working on the impact of the neurosciences on social sciences and the humanities, looking in particular at the rise of ‘neuromarketing’; and preparing a book length exploration of the nature and limits of provocation.

He maintains an interest in current theoretical themes in Science and Technology Studies, notably agency, ontology, materiality and causality, especially as these are worked out in relation to topics such as evaluation, impact, algorithms, revelation, irony, provocation and intervention.







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Department of Thematic Studies -
Technology and Social Change
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