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Knowledge and Evidence


ettKnowledge and Evidence
Investigating Technologies in Practice

Edited by Boel Berner and Corinna Kruse


This collection of articles by scholars linked to the Department of Technology and Social Change at Linköping University gives new insights into the constructed and contested nature of technoscientific knowledge.


The articles have been published before in a variety of international journals. They are here brought together to give a multifaceted analysis of a broad range of social practices within science, medicine, education, and work. In focus are investigations of how knowledge and evidence are created, contested, and understood. Technologies covered include, among others, CNC-machines, brain scans, Viagra pills, carbon storage techniques, and educational packages.


The collection will be of interest to sociologists, anthropologists and researchers with science-and-technology studies. It presents new perspectives on the co-construction of social relations, knowledge, and evidence, and on the political nature – in a broad sense – of how technoscience is developed and put into use.


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