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My research profile is related to statistical modelling of biogeochemistry in aquatic environments. I have combined my statistical background with an environmental interest, where eutrophication process and the dispersion of heavy metals have been in focus.

Curriculum vitae

2009-: Head of WES
2006-2008: Vice Dean at the Faculty of Arts and Science
2003-: Senior lecturer at WES
2002: Associate professor at WES
1998: PhD in Water and Environmental Studies
1992: BSc in Statistics

For my research I have two main focuses:
• Modelling of biogeochemistry in large water bodies. It has concerned spatio-temporal models within the water mass as well as the sediments focusing on large scale trends, patterns and interlinkages.

• Sediment-water exchange due to physical forcing such as wave induced resuspension. In a shallow water body such as the Baltic Sea this plays a significant part in biochemical cycling and with a changing climate this is assumed to play an even more significant role in the future.

Currently I am involved in one project - BOX – a pilot study to evaluate effects of possible Baltic deep water Oxygenation (Coordinator A. Stigebrandt, GU). The main question is what happens with the long-term retention efficiency of phosphorus in earlier mainly anoxic deepwater sediments when the overlying water is kept permanently oxic by pumping.

My main teaching is within the courses offered by the department. This includes
- statistical methods and modelling
- hydrological cycle and the hydrosphere
- biogeochemical cycles (mainly nutrients), including eutrophication
- geology and sedimentology
- research design

Courses I am examinator for: Water - Resource Management in time and space. Focus Greece, Designing Environmental Studies, PhD research plan

• Co-editor for the international journal Applied Geochemistry
• LiUs representative in the steering group of
o Study Destination – Sweden – a national student recruitment project involving > 30 universities
o USI (Universitet I Samverkan för internationalisering) a internationalisation collaboration between Swedish universities and the Swedish Institutes in Athens, Rome, Istanbul and Alexandria in order to increase internationalisation
• LiU - KOmmunalarbetarförbundet

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Highlighted publications

Papush, L., Danielsson, Å. and Rahm L. (2009) Dissolved silica budget for the Baltic Sea. Journal of Sea Research 62: 31-41.

Danielsson, Å., Papush, L. and Rahm L. (2008) Changing the Baltic Sea as a consequence of alterations in nutrient limitations. J. of Marine Science 73(3-4): 263-283.

Danielsson, Å., Jönsson, A. and Rahm L. (2007) Resuspension patterns in the Baltic Proper. Journal of Sea Research 57:257-269.

Wihlborg, P. and Danielsson Å. (2006) Half a Century of Mercury Contamination in Lake Vänern (Sweden). Water, Air and Soil Pollution 170:285-300.

Humborg, C., Smedberg, E., Blomkvist, S., Mörth, M., Brink, J., Rahm, L., Danielsson, Å. and Sahlberg, J. (2004) Nutrient variations in boreal and subarctic Swedish Rivers: Landscape control of land-sea fluxes. Limnology and Oceanography 49(5):1871-1883.

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Åsa Danielsson

Senior lecturer, Associate Professor, Head of WES

Phone: + 46 13 28 29 22, + 46 709 48 29 22
E-mail: asa.danielsson@liu.se

The Department of Thematic Studies -
Water and Environmental Studies
Linköping university
581 83 Linköping

Project activities

BOX – a pilot study to evaluate effects of possible Baltic deep water OXygenation


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