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Magdalena Kuchlerwather boder


Current project

Non-State Actors in the New Landscape of International Climate Cooperation [link]

Past project

The Politics of Bioenergy. A comparison between EU, IEA, FAO and UNFCCC



Kuchler, M. and Hedrén, J. (2014) Bioenergy as an empty signifier. Review of Radical Political Economics, Accepted for publication.

Kuchler, M. (2012) Fields of Gold: The Bioenergy Debate in International Organizations. Linköping Studies in Arts and Science 557. Linköping: Linköping University Electronic Press. [online]

Kuchler, M. and Linnér, B-O. (2012) Challenging the food vs. fuel dilemma: genealogical analysis of the biofuel discourse pursued by international organizations. Food Policy, 37(5), 581–588. [online]

Kuchler, M. (2010) Unravelling the argument for bioenergy production in developing countries: A world-economy perspective. Ecological Economics, 69(6), 1336-1343. [online]

Ostwald, M. and Kuchler, M. (2009) Climate science and policy research coming into being. Examples from the international politics of bioenergy and the case of avoided deforestation. In: Lövbrand, E., Linnér, B-O. and Ostwald, M., Climate Science and Policy Research Conceptual and Methodological Challenges. Report 09:03. Norrköping, SE: CSPR.

Kuchler, M. and Linnér, B-O. (2008) Pros and Cons of International Biofuel Production. An overview of research and policy reports. CSPR Briefing No. 3. Norrköping, SE: CSPR. [online]

Kuchler, M. (2007) Synergies between UNCTAD and UNFCCC – potentials, obstacles, consequences. Master's Thesis. The Tema Institute, Department of Water and Environmental Studies, Linköping University. Linköping, SE: LiU. [online]

All publications online in the LiU E-Press.

Conference & workshop papers

Kuchler, M. and Lövbrand, E. (2014) Stakeholding as governmental rationality and practice: on the political effects of collaborative carbon market governance. Paper presented at "Devices and Desires: The Cultural Politics of a Low Carbon Society", Lund University 21-23 May 2014.

Kuchler, M. (2013) The emerging shale gas battlefield in the European Union: the case of Poland and Sweden. Paper presented at: The Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference (NESS), 11-13 June 2013, Copenhagen University.

Kuchler, M. and Hedrén, J. (2012) Bioenergy as an empty signifier. Paper presented at the Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse & Interaction (NORDISCO 2012). 21-23 November 2012, Linköping University.

Kuchler, M. and Linnér, B-O. (2011) Challenging the food vs. fuel dilemma: genealogical analysis of the biofuel discourse pursued by international organizations. Paper presented at: The 10th Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference (NESS), 14-16 June 2011, Stockholm University.

Kuchler, M. (2009) A Mind Exercise. In: Linking Science to Societal Benefits: Why, How and When? International Workshop at the Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, 14-17 September 2009, Linköping University, pp. 50-57. [online]



KVA Symposium. "Global food security: biophysical and social limits and opportunities". 07 November 2011, Beijersalen, Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien. [online]

Uppsala Food and Nutrition Centre seminar highlighting the World Food Day 2008. "World food security and the challenges of climate change and bioenergy". 16 October 2008, Sal X, Universitetshuset, Uppsala universitet.



LiU News: Bioenergy - The broken promise.

LiU News: Contradictions about biofuels.

Interview in the LiU Magazine 2-10, "Biofuel or food? Competition over desirable farmland", pp. 24-26.



Teaching certificate

Teaching in Higher Education, Step 1: Learning, Instructing and Knowledge

Teaching experience

November 2012
Administrator/lecturer of the interdisciplinary course “Internationell miljömanagement” (International environmental management) in Miljövetarprogrammet (Environmental Science Programme);

April 2012
Teaching assignment within the PhD course on “Limits to Science”: lecturing on Nietzsche and perspectivism;

Regularly holding lectures and seminars on the concept of bioenergy in the context of its feasibility as a solution to contemporary civilizational challenges: climate change, energy security and rural development;

Holding lectures on climate change policy development and environmental challenges;

Teaching assignments within the course on “Contemporary Issues in International Governance”: lecturing on Critical perspectives on international climate politics;

Administrator of the interdisciplinary course “Sustainable Development in the Global Context” with the focus on the global resource flows problematic (i.e. energy, food, phosphorus, etc.), as well as on how political and ideological debates on the issue have developed in line with sustainability objectives;




Magdalena Kuchler

Magdalena Kuchler

Department of Thematic Studies 
Water and Environmental Studies 
Linköping University
581 83 Linköping

email: magdalena.kuchler@liu.se
phone: +46 13 - 28 22 85

smallWater and Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary research unit focusing on issues regarding water supply, sustainable development, climate change and food in history and society. Education in Water and Environmental Studies: under graduate level, master level, graduate level (Ph.D).


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