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The need to combine natural and cultural sciences on environmental issues, and to foster new generations with the ability to address scientific problems from innovative perspectives, will not diminish.

Programmes and single subject courses are offered at all levels with a pronounced progression within and between them. The involvement of researchers ensures an up to date dissemination of present research at all educational levels, including relevant theoretical and methodological knowledge as well as the latest research results. This includes the ability to critically approach current challenges for sustainable development from various perspectives, as well as skills to use relevant analytical tools.

The education offered includes
 single subject courses in Geography, Environmental Studies and Thematic Science
 an undergraduate program in Environmental Studies
 a graduate program (Msc. for Sustainable Development)
 a PhD program in Water and Environmental Studies.


60%-seminar (2014-08-27)
60%-seminar (2014-09-02)
Temadag (2014-09-10)

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New Publications

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Balathandayuthabani Panneer Selvam, Sivakiruthika Natchimuthu, Lakshmanan Arunachalam and David Bastviken. Methane and carbon dioxide emissions from inland waters in India - Implications for large scale greenhouse gas balances DOI: 10.1111/gcb.12575S.


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