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Tema Environmental Change

Linköping University is pooling its resources in terms of environmental research at the Department of Thematic Studies. The Unit of Water and Environmental Studies and CSPR (Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research) are joining forces, to form the Unit of Environmental Change.




New dissertation in Water and Environmental Studies

Oksana Udovyk defends her dissertation: Science-policy interaction in the governance of complex socio-ecological risks: The case of chemicals management in the Baltic Sea. The dissertation takes place on June 4 at 10.15 in Temcas, House T, Campus Valla. Opponent is Silvio Funtowics, Bergen University.


New PhD-student

We welcome Vladmir Cossio. He is a researcher at the Andean Center for Water Management and Water Use (Centro AGUA) – Mayor University of San Simon (UMSS), Cochabamba Bolivia. In the PhD project he will work in the topic of integration of equity and environmental issues in water management policy in Boliva.


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60%-seminar (2014-08-27)
60%-seminar (2014-09-02)
Temadag (2014-09-10)

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New Publications

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Anna Bohman & Kaisa Raitio (2014): How Frames matter - Common Sense and Institutional Choice in Ghana´s Urban Water Sector. Journal of Environment and Development. Volume 23 Issue (2) pp. 273 - 296.

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