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Study guidance at the Department of Thematic Studies 

Study guidance is both for you who is already a student and for you who are considering applying to our programs or courses. The study counsellor can offer guidance in overall as well as practical study-related matters.

As a student, you can come to the study counsellor for example if you want to discuss your study situation, how to plan your future studies or which courses you can choose on your study program. If you find it difficult to get started with your studies I can also advice on how to plan your time, avoid stress, find your motivation and concentration, take on the course literature etc. 

The study counsellor does not give you any ready-made solutions. The guidance rather aims to give you a better chance to make your own decisions in study-related matters. To discuss your thoughts with a third party, someone who is neutral, can feel good and make it easier to handle for example a choice situation. The study counsellor always looks at the student´s whole life situation and acts according to a holistic view.

Study guidance at Linköping University is covered by the Secrecy Act, 7 chap. 9-10 §. This means that the study counsellor has an obligation to observe silence, and will not disclose any personal information about the student without his or her consent.

The study counsellor´s work also includes study administration, taking part in course and program development work as well as doing follow-up on study results. 

What can the study counsellor help you with?

  • Information about the courses and programs given by the department
  • Guidance on choice of program or courses within a program
  • Your questions about admission and eligibility
  • Planning your studies, if you for some reason have fallen behind
  • Advice regarding study techniques
  • Guidance regarding studies abroad
  • Career guidance specific for the program or subject, information about the labor market
  • Information about transfer of credits
  • Information about requirements for admission to higher semesters on a program
  • Information about approved study leave, non-completion, return after study leave
  • Information and guidance related to studying with a disability
  • Information about other support that you as a student have access to – for example the student health care center, coordinator for students with disabilities, academic English support. 

You are most welcome to contact me!

If you have a short question, you can e-mail, call or come by my office in Tema Building on Valla campus, or in Kopparhammaren 2 on Norrköping campus.

For a longer talk, please book an appointment via this website: www.timecenter.com/filfak-uv. NB: Make sure you choose the right calendar according to where you want to meet, in Norrköping or Linköping. If you can´t come to campus we can meet via Skype or you can book a telephone meeting. Please indicate this when you book, so I can arrange it.


Rebecca Olsson
Campus Valla, rum C:211
Campus Norrköping


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