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Jenny Palm


Professor Technology and Social Change, Linköping Univerisity, 2011

Reader/associate professor, Dept. of Technology and Social Change, Linköpings university, 2008
Ph.d. Dept. of Technology and Social Change, Linköpings university, 2004.
Master of Political Science and Economics, Linköping University, 1998.


Energy, Environment, energy consumption, energy efficiency, planning processes, participatory planning, policy, network, Power, governance, socio-technical system, grassroot innovation

Research Interests

My research interest concerns energy and environmental related local practices and how different energy users understand, interpret and act according to the formal and informal rules that are set up (inter)nationally and locally. I am interested in how different actors (such as local authorities, county administrative boards, energy companies, industry, housing companies and households) space of action is influenced by the resources and constraints that surrounds them in different situations. Theoretical interests include practice theory, local and regional planning processes, policy-making, networks, power relations, sociotechnical systems and governance processes.

Empirically, I primarily study the energy systems and how different actors act to create ecologically sustainable energy systems. Ongoing research projects that I am involved concern the development of energy systems related to municipal planning, municipal technology procurement of energy efficient technology, actors’ behavior in renovation processes of multi-dwellings, households roles as electricity producers and consumers on the market, as well as municipalities as system builders. In one project, we are also interested in how citizens perceive and understand the local authorities involvement in local environmental Projects and in yet another we are studying grassroot innovations.




Telephone: 013-28 56 15
Fax: 013-28 44 61

E-mail: jenny.palm@liu.se

Department of Thematic Studies -
Technology and Social Change
Linköping university
SE-581 83 Linköping

Project activities


Technology and Social Change is an interdisciplinary research unit focusing on how social actors create and use technology, and how technical change is woven together with cultural patterns, daily life, politics, energy systems, learning, and the economy in history and society.

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The objective for Tema - The Department of Thematic Studies is to pursue excellent research and education at undergraduate and advanced levels relevant to society.

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