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P6: Body, Knowledge, Subjectivity


















Originally the focus of P6 was on ‘Technology, Practice and Identity’. These three concerns are still very present in much of our work, but we are also thinking and talking a lot about agency, embodiment and the co-construction of subjectivity/subject positions and technologies in different practices; subjective and intersubjective meaning-making in relation to the development and use of technologies (in a broad sense); and social, cultural, philosophical and ethical aspects of technologies within specific practices (often, but not always, related to bodies and medical practices). Many of us are inspired by or use feminist theoretical approaches, and we find ourselves in conversation with feminist science studies and feminist phenomenology quite often. We are an interdisciplinary group drawing from both the social sciences and the humanities, in particular the medical humanities and Science & Technology Studies.


Each term we tend to have a mix of text seminars (where we put forward work in progress) and topical seminars on things like academic writing, research ethics, informed consent, etc. Above all, however, we aim to be a seminar group that provides constructive feedback on our on-going work within a pleasant and collegial environment. Our goal is to combine passionate, academic earnestness with creativity, vigour and generosity to create an open, yet structured, discussion climate. 

Programme coordinators: Ericka Johnson, Corinna Kruse and Kristin Zeiler.

Programme assistant: Lisa Guntram

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